Our Mission: Give dancers the opportunities, knowledge, information and connections to realize dreams, find success and fulfillment, in the ever changing, diverse and beautiful art form of dance.

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Summer Dance Intensive 2012

Madison Contemporary Vision Dance 

Pre-Professional Summer Intensive 2013

For intermediate and advanced level dancers, ages 12 and up

Dates: July 29 through August 1, August 5 through 8 with a showcase at the Overture Center for the Arts on August 10th. Classes will be held Monday through Thursday during the day. 


Why choose MCVD Summer Intensive?

MCVD’s summer intensive is designed specifically to strengthen dancers’ technique, confidence, creativity, and stage presence.

Jobs with Entertainment Companies

Dance Jobs
BGA Performance
PO Box 571187
Salt Lake City, UT 84157
Fax: 801-288-9310
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
PO Box 9158
Tampa, FL 33674-9158
Fax: 813-987-5180
Busch Gardens Williamsburg
One Busch Gardens Blvd
Williamsburg, VA 23187
Fax: 757-253-3216
Crystal Cruises
2049 Century Park East, Ste 1400
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Fax: 626-441-5211

Something Old, Something New: Trends In Ballet Wear

Ballet Leo
By Amber Heil

Ballet Leotards

Recently ballet has gone back to the basics. Although some ballerinas may occasionally wear warm-ups, basic leotards and tights are becoming more popular in the dance studios. If ballet students do wear any warm-ups, it is most likely warm-up shorts. These shorts are great to keep the hip joints warm and make quite a fashion statement. Not only are dancers wearing warm-up shorts in basic black, but colorful stripes have also become very popular.

Leotard Styles

7 Highly Effective Habits In Ballet Training

By Dianne M. Buxton

A key area of dancing for females is pointe work, and a key area for males is jumping. In early training, regardless of age, there are 7 highly effective habits that will contribute to excellence in both these areas. This analysis can apply to other areas of dance in the same way also, I'm choosing this one for the sake of discussion.

***First, education as to specific physical attributes and shortcomings. Every dancer would like to have long and stretchy Achilles tendons, and flexible ankles. These 2 advantages provide the biggest movement between the bottom of a demi-plie and the take-off point of a releve or jump. One of the dancers in my class at the National Ballet School of Canada had a very shallow demi-plie. Yet, she had very flexible ankles and a high arch, and this gave her the thrust to jump very high.

Improve Your Ballet - The Ballet Bible Review

By Julia Godoy
Becoming a ballet dancer can be difficult. It is not something that can be learned overnight, nor can it be mastered in a few months. Taking ballet classes is imperative to learn the proper techniques necessary to become a truly magical ballet dancer

Costumes and Dancewear

Dance Costumes
My favorite costume companies are at the top. These are companies I have ordered from and had great service and good quality items.
Kellé Company
Dance costumes, dancewear, dance clothes
Sugar and Bruno
High Fashion Dancewear
Discount Dance Supply
Just For Kix
Dance costumes, dancewear, shoes, accessories. JFK offers Dance Camp for all types of dance.
Triple Threat Dancewear
Lyrical Costumes, Jazz Costumes, Tap Costumes, Novelty, Broadway, All Star Dance, Themed, Fairytale, African, Animal, Punk Rock and Goth costumes

Music Suppliers for Dance Studios

Art Stone/The Competitor
1795 Express Dr N
Smithtown, NY 11787
Asgard Productions
1548 Beech wood Cove
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Astoria Productions
PO Box 620158
Littleton, CO 80162
Aventura Dance Academy
2646 NE 189th Terr
Miami, FL 33180
Behind Barres
PO Box 7611
Ann Arbor, MI 48101
Big Bang Records
90 Stagecoach Dr
Easton, PA 18042

Marketing Your Dance Studio

Dance Studio

By Debra Gilbert  
You have finally gained the experience and the financial backing it takes to run your own dance studio. Congratulations!  Now comes one of the hard parts: marketing it to an audience to gain clientele. Here is an outline of ideas that one can use in starting up your dance studio and with the economic hardships of our time, some of these ideas are fairly inexpensive, if not free!
Word of mouth: Obviously you have the skills and possibly already have a few potential dancers lined up already, but it really is not enough. To start off, you need to create a snappy catch phrase that will have the dancers sashaying through those doors. The more creative, yet simplistic that you are with your catch phrase, the more buzz it will create. Once you have a catch phrase intact, ask your friends and fellow dancers to spread the word about your studio. Also, do not be afraid to make a scene!

The Ensemble Espanol

The Ensemble Espanol  
By Rebecca Nieves

Reaching Out and Giving Back

Dance giving back
 By Rebecca Nieves
The choreographer leans forward, as if picking a flower.  He executes a pirouette and offers the token to his reflection.  Walking in a circle, the man considers his next move and a second later he is sliding on his knees, twisting back up and stepping foot over foot to the right.  The choreographer is creating a dialogue, a private conversation.  Sweat on his brow, he continues to move, expressing thoughts and feelings without words.  This will go on for some time, the choreographer’s real body and mirrored self speaking in the language of dance. 
Movement, the dialect of the body, is an ages old tradition of expressing oneself.  History tells us that we danced in celebration, in rituals, in battle sometimes.  We have always danced.  Now, of course, all of these reasons remain though we have expanded.  We are entertainers, professionals, competitors, artists.  We have taken that thing inside of us that makes us tap our toe or shimmy our hips when we hear music a

Wade Robson: A Prodigy

By Debra Gilbert
 You have seen the moves in pop music videos for artists such as Britney Spears and NSYNC and on broadcast television with So You Think You Can Dance?. You have seen the commercials and danced to the music. So who is the mastermind behind all those delicious moves and upbeat music? None other than Wade Robson.
 Who is Wade Robson? He is a choreographer, director, songwriter and producer, as well as a film director and shoe designer only in his mid twenties with twenty years of experience under his belt. How is that possible? Talent. With a hearty resume and the adrenaline still pumping, Wade has become a dance prodigy, touching all aspects of entertainment across the globe on stage, on camera and on your Ipods.

Dance in Musicals

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (Extended Edition)
By Lindsey Huster  

From the advent of Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer, to more recent Zac Efron moves in High School Musical, one component of the film musical genre has remained constant: dance.

Installation Dance

Sound of Music | Central Station Antwerp (Belgium)

Step Back Ladies, The Man Is In Charge: How NOT To Lead Your Dance Partner

Ballroom DancingBy Debra Gilbert
 Alright ladies, we know how this works. You want to learn how to dance and you found yourself a reluctant partner. Or it could be the other way around, he has dragged you into the dance class and you have a bad attitude. He is being a little slow on learning the steps and your patience is wearing thin, thus, you start taking the lead to get it over with. When the dance instructor takes notice, he or she will scold you. To save your dance partner and yourself the embarrassment, here is your guide for choosing the right person to dance with and making the most of your dance experience. Most importantly, this is a guide on how to stop being dominant and how to act on the dance floor with your partner!