Rehabilitation for Dancers

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By Alison Preston
Dancer, Yoga Instructor

As a dancer for the past 25 years, I have experienced my share of injuries. It can be difficult to decide what track of recovery to follow, especially when you need to be back in the studio or on stage as soon as possible. Recovery can be hard when you can’t find a professional who understands your needs and abilities as a dancer, especially if it is you first injury.

Below are some professionals in the Twin Cities Metro area who have worked with dancers and athletes to prevent and recover from injuries.For those of you living outside the Twin Cities, I’ve also included a search engine to locate doctors in your area.

(Listed in no particular order)
Shawn Douglass, CMT*
Specialty: deep tissue massage

Jennifer Armitage, PT**
MN Medical Rehabilitative Services LLC

Dave Wieber, MTC***
Body Balance
2070 W. 96th Street
Bloomington, MN 55431

Raul Centeno, CMT*
Specialty – massage for injury prevention

Click here for a search engine to find doctors across the U.S.
(Click on Doctor Locator, not the Doctor Search.)

*CMT – Certified Massage Therapist
**PT – Physical Therapist
***MTC – Certified Manual Trainer

Note: I am in no way a medical professional. My opinions are based solely on my experience as a dancer in recovery. Please consult with a physician and check insurance coverage before taking on any recovery programs. Good luck on your path to healing!

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