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For many dance programs funding is an issue. Most need to do some fundraising. By keeping things planned and organized, you can get your goals achieved with out a lot of time or headache.

1) Set goals for individuals and the group.
2) Set up your fundraising events as team bonding time.
3) Keep records on dancer.
4) Ask parents for help, tall them why you are fundraising.
5) Be specific. Focus on what you fundraising for. Costumes? A trip to nationals?
6) Have dancers ask family and friends to help.

When choosing fundraisers keep in mind the age of your students and whether their parents will help out.

Fundraising Ideas:
• Concession sales: most professional sports teams play at arena where concessions are sold at least in part by people fundraising for groups.
• Food Sales: cookie dough, pizzas, etc.
• Sell Holiday wreaths.
• Annual Dance Show: invite other dance teams and dance studios to perform. Pre sell as many tickets as you can. This is also good exposure for your team.
• Raffle: Get local business to donate prizes. Have raffles and school sporting events.
• Car Wash: Pre-sell tickets.
• School Dance: Host an annual dance.
• Donations: Ask the Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, and other local businesses.
• Sponsorship/donation letter: Write a letter about the team and what you are raising money for. People can give gifts of any size. Letters can go to families, friends and local business.

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