Turn Technique

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by sara willcutt

Use your center!

Keep your body stacked, like building blocks. I tell my dancers to push their belly button to their backbone. This braces and straightens the back. Make sure not to tuck under your pelvis, which will take you out of alignment.

Turns go one direction: UP!
Concentrate on pulling up and keeping the body in proper form. Make sure you don’t pull your shoulders up. Keep your neck long and shoulders pushed down in a connection with the center.

Keep your supporting leg tall, push into the floor. In opposition, pull up with the rest of the body. Keep your supporting leg straight, and use your toes for balance.

Keep you arms strong. Close to first position quickly, and hold your arms out. Don’t let your arms collapse into your chest as you turn. Let your back round with your arms, and keep your shoulder blades flat. Visualize holding a beach ball in your arms.

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